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Youth Socks

Feetures socks are engineered for athletes with superior support, comfort, moisture wicking, and compression. With our Youth Collection, your child can reap the benefits of that technology on the playground, in the back yard, and on the field so they can play harder, longer. Our popular elite line offers a light, cool, moisture-wicking barrier that never rides down or bunches in their shoe. In colder weather, our revolutionary Merino 10 socks will give your child the warmth, comfort, and support they need to move with confidence. Parents love our merino wool socks for their naturally antimicrobial properties that absorb odour-causing bacteria to ward off funky kid feet! However your child likes to move, you can encourage their love of play, sports, and silly dances with socks that keep their feet comfortable, dry, and blister free.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Youth Sock Collection

We've spent 20 years creating a product with stringent quality standards. We’re thrilled to bring that technology to the playground so kids can land every leap and run every race with confidence. Helping your child find the perfect fit is important to us (you could even say we’re obsessed with it), so we’ve put together some frequently asked questions about our youth sock collection.

What makes merino wool socks special?

All wool is warm and absorbs moisture, but merino wool stands apart because it is antimicrobial. Merino wool socks absorb odour-causing bacteria to prevent the build-up of unpleasant odours. Not only is merino wool extremely soft and comfortable, it is also highly absorbent – meaning drier feet for your child and a reduced likelihood of developing painful blisters or skin irritation.

How should I wash these socks?

To keep your child’s Feetures socks in top shape, we recommend that you turn them inside out before washing. Wash them on a gentle cycle in cold or warm water with a mild soap, avoiding bleach and fabric softeners. Tumble dry low, or air dry by laying them out flat.