Feetures UK Guarantee

Our socks are designed to be long lasting with a custom like
fit to enable movement with fewer blisters, less sock slippage, and a greater
degree of comfort.

Purchases made directly with https://feetures.co.uk/ are covered by our
guarantee. For purchases made with a Feetures authorised partner, claims must
be made through the retailer.

What does our guarantee cover?

While we offer 30 days to return your order, we know our
socks should last well past that, which is why we are happy to provide a
guarantee on all of our socks.

Examples of what our guarantee covers:

  • Holes on heels or around the foot
  • Seams which unravel

What our guarantee will not cover:

  • Holes deemed to be caused by wear and tear or abnormal usage
  • Damage to socks due to not following care instructions provided
  • Stretching of the socks due to incorrect fitting

If you are having issues with your socks, email us at hello@feetures.co.uk
where we can advise next steps.