I've Been Running for Decades, and These Socks Keep My Feet Dry and Comfortable for Miles

I've Been Running for Decades, and These Socks Keep My Feet Dry and Comfortable for Miles

Ten years ago, I found myself experiencing a bit of a personal lull. I had successfully graduated from college, celebrated my new professional status by traveling, and jumped into working full-time. When September arrived, I felt a void to not be returning to school — so I decided to set a new personal goal and become a runner. The barrier to entry was low, I already had all of the necessary supplies on hand, and the weather had cooled from hot and stifling to warm and comfortable. 

With an app loaded onto my phone and a playlist for additional support, I faithfully began running three times every week. As I began to lean further into my new runner status, I started to listen to others who were well ensconced in the running community. There were differing opinions about watches, clothing, and shoes, but there was a consensus about one item I found I was in the market to purchase: Everyone swore by these socks. (Related: The Best Free Running Apps for Every Type of Training)

Before I learned about them, my biggest complaint during my budding adventures as a runner was that my socks were underperforming. The backs would slip down into my sneakers, I frequently developed blisters on my toes and the balls of my feet, and my feet were constantly plagued by sweat. Though small on their own, when all three issues combined during my runs, it made the time I spent jogging through my neighborhood miserable. After listening to other runners' advice, I became the proud owner of Feetures Elite Max Cushion Running Socks. In fact, I immediately purchased multiple pairs. 

My first realization that Feetures socks were different from anything else I had previously worn happened before I put them on. Each sock was marked with an L or R to note which foot to wear it on, and I have to admit I was skeptical. But as I slipped them on and they hugged the curvature of each foot perfectly, I felt like a Feetures convert before I laced up my sneakers. According to the brand, what I felt was the "custom-like fit", which they describe as "targeted [and] zone-specific compression and an anatomical design."

The rest of the Feetures Elite Max Cushion Running Socks' could not be properly experienced until I ran. The product description says that this pair would not slip into sneakers, and would also provide optimal cushioning, proper sweat-wicking with synthetic fibres, and a complete lack of blisters. Essentially, Feetures promised to solve all of the biggest problems I had experienced. After just one run, they not only surpassed my hope that even one or two issues might be solved, but they excelled beyond my every expectation and solved all of my running woes. (Related: The Best Running Socks for Women)

I'm not the only one whose life was changed by these socks, either. "I raved about this sock so much to my workout group and co-workers that they think I am getting a commission," wrote one five-star reviewer. "There is a right and left sock so it fits perfectly and hugs the arch. [It] cushions the ball of your foot for impact and running. [It] has a lip around the edge, so it does not fall down in your shoe. I have many of the expensive brands' running socks, and this one is by far the best."

"I mean, it feels silly to be so stoked about socks (because they're... socks), but these are seriously by far the best socks I've used for athletic training by a long shot," added another five-star reviewer. "I was initially wary about the price but all of the big brand name socks were causing me issues. After having used these for a solid month, I can confidently say these socks blow those out of the water. Absolutely worth the price point! Love them so much I bought six pairs."

At this point in my running career, it's hard to imagine life without these socks. I've been a Feetures fan for close to a decade, and I won't run, walk, or play tennis without them. Even after more cycles of wearing and laundering than I can count, my Feetures socks still offer the best support, keep my feet dry, and prevent blisters better than anything else I have tried. Feetures Elite Max Cushion Running Socks are, without a doubt, worth the $16 investment. 


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