Are No-Show Socks Out of Style?

Are No-Show Socks Out of Style?

Are you using your winter downtime to clean out your closet? If so, don’t forget your sock drawer. Now is a great time to go through your collection, eliminate any worn-out pairs, or identify what needs to be replaced. While decluttering, you may wonder if your socks still pass the style test as we start a new year. Yes, even the sock industry sees fashion trends come and go.

There’s been some debate over whether no-show socks are in or out. Here’s our take on why this small style will always make a big impact.

Form & Function

Their versatility is one of their most vital selling points — and a big reason they won’t go out of style. No-show socks can be used for just about any activity, quickly transitioning from the office to the gym to a casual day out. They’re an ideal way to keep your feet dry and comfortable without extra fabric taking away from your shoes or outfit. We like to call them “the best sock you’ll never see.”

They’re especially handy to have during the warmer months when breathability is critical. After all, low-rise socks were created for all low-rise shows. You can wear them with slip-on shoes, flats, loafers, sneakers, or any shoe you would wear with shorts, a skirt, or a dress. They’re particularly effective at helping you achieve that casual sockless look with your Converse sneakers, just be sure to look for no-show socks designed to grip your heel to keep them from slipping inside your shoe.

For a professional style, stick with neutral colours that complement your skin tone. However, patterned socks are expected to be an emerging trend in 2022, so don’t be afraid to mix in some fun colours and prints for an on-trend look any time you kick your shoes off.

The Right Fit

No-show socks often get a bad rap compared to taller crew socks. That’s because most low-rise socks fit loosely, meaning that they slip, slide, and bunch in your shoe, putting you in constant discomfort. Therein lies the key to a stylish and comfortable sock and this is where Feetures has you covered.

Our everyday no-show hidden socks are anatomically designed to work with the foot in motion, whether that motion involves chairing a board meeting or chasing a toddler. Since you’re always on the go, we’ve incorporated athletic performance technology into this everyday sock to keep you comfortable throughout your daily marathon. 

The ultra-light cushion lets you float like a butterfly, while the targeted compression gives you the support to sting like a bee. iWick fibres help your feet keep their cool, no matter which shoes you’re wearing. And thanks to our silicone heel-hugger technology, you’ll never have to stop to fish your socks out of your toes again!

Stay in Style With Feetures

The bottom line is that a good-quality sock never goes out of style. Stay fashionable and comfortable with Feetures’ wide range of no-show socks. Our anatomical design with right/left specific socks won’t bunch up, provide a custom-like fit, and utilize a blend of natural and synthetic fibres for better moisture-wicking. 

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