Men's Formal Sock Guide

Men's Formal Sock Guide

It's the most wonderful time of year, which means gatherings, parties, celebrations, and gift exchanges. Whether formal socks are part of your everyday wear or you only own two lonesome pairs that hide in the back of your sock drawer just in case, your formal socks are about to see a lot of action this holiday season. Their behind-the-scenes role is vital to your comfort, style, and performance. Before heading out to that big meeting or celebrating your favourite holiday tradition, make sure your formal sock game is strong with this Feetures formal sock guide.

Formal Sock Lengths

Men's Formal Socks come in several sizes: crew, mid-calf, and knee (also referred to as over the calf). To keep your bare legs properly hidden when seated, your dress socks should fall around mid-calf or higher. Although crew socks are technically just below mid-calf, it's common to see these two sizes used interchangeably, with more and more men preferring crew socks to the others. 

Traditionally, knee socks were the favoured formal sock choice when wearing suits or tuxedos because the sock's band lands on the slimmer portion of the leg, right below the knee. This offers peace of mind that your calf will remain a mystery whether you're standing, sitting, or crossing your legs. With excellent crew sock options like those in Feetures' Everyday Collection, you'll never have to worry about your sock slippage or discomfort. For an extra boost during your formal event, consider swapping out your regular pair for graduated compression socks to improve circulation and alleviate muscle fatigue. 

Mid-calf socks are another standard length for formal wear. When you're about to give a presentation or attend the year's most significant social event, a saggy and unreliable fit is the last thing you need on your mind. For comfort and confidence, choose a formal crew sock like Feetures' Mini Crew. These socks are engineered to stay up in any condition, offering targeted compression and anatomical design for a custom-like fit.

Size & Fit

The size and fit of formal socks are paramount to their performance. Some brands offer a one-size-fits-all approach to their suit socks. If you encounter socks like these, we recommend running in the other direction as fast as their ill-fitting socks will allow you. Every foot is unique, and any good formal sock should come in various sizes, such as small, medium, and large. Although formal socks aren't necessarily designed for athletic performance, you want to choose an intentionally constructed pair with the foot's motion in mind. Fortunately, Feetures brings performance technology into everyday style. These socks will hug your foot for a custom-like fit that feels tailor-made for you.

Colours & Other Considerations

Most formal socks come in solid colours that coordinate with traditional suit aesthetics. You will likely have to choose between solid or ribbed as well. While these choices are ultimately personal preferences, ribbed socks tend to stay up better. You want to ensure your socks will support you all day or night, no matter what comes your way. Look for details that have your comfort in mind, such as the targeted compression and anatomical design of Feetures' Everyday Collection.

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