Summer Running Gear to Enhance Performance

Summer Running Gear to Enhance Performance

Summer is here, and for many of us, that means hot, sticky weather that can sometimes make running feel more like swimming. While scorching temps can challenge even the most die hard runner, there is nothing sweeter than training hard all summer only to achieve that fall PR you were hoping for as soon as the weather turns cool. With running gear designed to help keep you comfortable during the dog days of summer, you’re that much closer to your goal! These pieces are proven to help you stay cool.


Qore Performance Slider Shorts

Qore Performance is a startup specializing in temperature moderating active wear, meaning their gear will help you keep warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The slider shorts are compression-style shorts that feature slots along the femoral artery for a frozen plasma pack. The cold is carried through the blood stream and helps cool your core and run comfortably. The best part? The packs are reusable and can be recharged by simply dunking them in cold water.

Mission Athletecare Cooling Cap

Featuring the comfortable, moisture-wicking liner you’ve come to expect from Headsweats, the Mission Athletecare Cooling Caps offer UPF protection for those hot summer runs. Even better? The hat features proprietary technology that allows it to cool instantly when wet. Just dunk the hat into water and feel the refreshment!

Feetures! Elite Ultra Light No Show Tab

Our lightest weight sock was made for summer running! The Elite Ultra Light features the arch support our brand is famous for, while the iWick fibers wick away sweat. The seamless toe helps further prevent blisters, and as an added bonus, this sock comes in tons of fun summer colors. Try a pair out and you may just find yourself enjoying those summer long runs!

Camelbak Marathoner Hydration Pack

The Camelbak Marathoner hydration pack holds plenty of water for longer summer runs – up to 2 liters! Despite the capacity, the pack retains a lightweight, breathable design that won’t weigh you down or trap heat. Several pockets located throughout the pack are also convenient for holding keys, a cellphone, or fuel, leaving your hands and arms free to focus on form.

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