10 Ways You Know You’re a Runner

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10 Ways You Know You’re a Runner

It is no secret that runners are a unique group of people. We have quirks and habits that most people can’t seem to understand. If you’re a runner, you can relate to our list below.

  1. You know the dates of your next five races better than the birthdays of your friends and family members.
  2. Your weekly mileage is more important than your credit score.
  3. You’ve got more foam and massage rollers than you do friends.
  4. Race medals and bibs are your main form of décor.
  5. When everyone else is going out on Friday, you are happily in bed early so you can make your 5am group training run.
  6. You have more beers at the local running store than you do at the local pub.
  7. You spend more money on running socks than you do on your car insurance.
  8. All your vacations are race-cations.
  9. You’re actually looking forward to getting older so you can qualify for Boston.
  10. When you’re not running, you waste countless hours reading silly running blogs like this one.

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