Anna Frost

Anna Frost

Anna Frost is one of the most accomplished ultrarunners in the world. She is a two-time champion of the legendary Hardrock 100, a race high in the Colorado mountains with 33,000 feet of climbing over 100 miles and an average elevation of 11,000’. In addition, she’s won the Tranvulcania ultramarathon in the Canary Islands and has the Fastest Known Time for The Snowman Trek in Bhutan.
As a native New Zealander, Frosty can be found running near her home in Durango, CO or traveling the world, anywhere from the Himalayas to Greenland, with her international running company, Trail Run Adventures.

Q: Favorite place to run?
A: That is a hard question to start off! Himalayas, NZ, Colorado
Q: Favorite race?
A: Hardrock100 and TransVulcania
Q: If you were to be a professional athlete in a different sport, what would it be? Ever had any chance?
A: Surfing, I'm a horrible surfer, but I love the idea of it!
Q: What do you eat during an ultra?
Always changes depending on the weather and my mood. But I always have chia seeds mixed with Ultima drink, Avocado, Peanut-butter and Jam sandwiches, Honey Stinger waffles and I have once craved a whole bag of Doritos!
Q: Where will we find you in 15 years?
A: Hopefully still running around the mountains!
Q: Taco v. burrito?
A: Tequila
Q: Podcast recommendation?
A: Talk Ultra
Q: Go to Feetures socks?
A: Elite Merino+ Crew, and Elite Light Cushion No Show Tab
Q: What would you be if you weren’t a professional runner?
A: Still the same as now, just not professional - a runner, a yoga teacher, jewelry maker.
Q: Next splurge purchase?
A: Land in the mountains!

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