Kyle Merber

Kyle Merber
Kyle is one of the fastest milers in the world and a proud New Yorker. As a Long Island native and Columbia University graduate, Kyle now trains and races with the NJ-NY Track Club.  In addition to Kyle’s lengthy running accomplishments, including being on the world record setting DMR and the American Collegiate record holder for 1500m, Kyle has been instrumental in advocating for the sport of track & field. Kyle brings a personality to the sport and we’re not afraid to say it, has the best Twitter in track & field.

Personal Bests:
800 – 1:47.23
1500 – 3:34.52
Mile – 3:52.22
3000 – 7:49.39
Q: Favorite race?
A: My favorite race is definitely the HOKA ONE ONE Long Island Mile. I am very biased by account of being the meet director, but last year we launched a few hundred Feetures into the crowd via slingshot.
Q: Post-race meal?
A: If it went well, I prefer a burger with a beer. If it didn’t go well, I also like a burger with a beer.
Q: Mile or 1500?
A: I prefer the mile at an invitational and the 1500 in championships. Even casual fans ‘get’ the mile and it is more intriguing for that reason. But when the race really matters, having a straight first 100m is convenient for finding your position.
Q: If you were to be a professional athlete in a different sport, what would it be? Ever had any chance?
A: Naturally, I was blessed with the ability to punt field goals pretty far, but due to injury concerns, I don’t really do that anymore when playing around with friends. I suppose if I wasn’t running anymore I’d take my shot at the NFL.
Q: Where will we find you in 15 years?
A: I am a passionate runner and every aspect of this sport. I can’t see myself leaving this industry just because my running career may be over 15 years from now.
Q: Bagel v. biscuit?
A: As a New Yorker, I did not even realize this was a question people asked.
Q: Podcast recommendation?
A: I am actually a co-host of my own podcast called, ‘The Book Club Track Club.’ We read a book each month that has nothing to do with running and find a way to make it about running. By discussing the plot and the characters struggles, we relate it to our sport.
Q: Go to Feetures socks?
A: I love the Elite Light Cushion Quarters. Wearing them so often has created quite a tan line on my lower ankle. 
Q: One change you’d make to the sport of track & field?
A: The way the sport is currently presented on TV is too slow and elementary. Track is perhaps the simplest sport out there, yet it is constantly being dumbed down to the audience. We know the rules! Now let’s watch the races, not commercials!
Q: Travel hack?
A: I always run before any flight just in case there are delays and I spend the whole day in the airport. And the aisle seat is a must if you’re going to stay properly hydrated.
Q: Favorite IG follow?
A: My wife says to say it’s her.

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