Running and Music - A Match Made in Heaven

Running and Music - A Match Made in Heaven

When I run, I run with music. When I’m getting ready to head out, no matter what, the minute I start my music, I am ready to roll. With each song that comes on, I am taken to a whole new level, both physically and mentally. The faster the beat, the faster my pace. On the flip side, when I run, I hear and appreciate the music I’m listening to in a whole new way. For me, as a runner and a music lover, it’s a win-win. I understand that running with music is not for everyone and I totally respect that. But, there have been several studies done on the impact of running with music and research suggests that it truly does boost athletic performance. I won’t go into the details, but this article, Can Music Make You a Better Runner? by Matt Fitzgerald sums it up nicely. In a nutshell:

Because the brain essentially chooses to impose fatigue based on a prediction of where the body's true physiological limits lie, the brain has some flexibility in setting performance limits. When an athlete is highly motivated, the brain will risk a bit more and allow the body to come a little closer to the point of self-harm in pursuit of better performance. All kinds of factors may influence an athlete's level of motivation, and music appears to be one of them.

I don’t know about self harm. But, I do know that running is hard. For many of us, music makes it more bearable. And for some of us, music is a pleasant and much needed distraction. For me, the music I listen to on the road elevates my mood like nothing else can. Does it make me faster? The jury is still out on that. Does it matter? Nope. Running and music make me happy. These days, that’s about all I need. Below are a few of my current favorites. Listen. Enjoy. Share. Rock on.

Baby Please - WE ARE TWIN

We All Want the Same Thing - Rixton

Lean On - Major Lazer

Our Own House - MisterWives

Get Behind This - FLOR

Run - COIN

Snowed In (feat. Rivers Cuomo) - Big Data

Fool For Love - Lord Huron

Rollin' On - Royal Tongues

Freakout! - Mini Mansions

Heart - FLOR

Control - Milo Greene

Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf) - AWOLNATION

Colors - Genevieve

White Light - Waterstrider

FUNN - Cash + David

Until You Find Me – Team

Mate Candy – BØRNS

Hanging Around - Charli XCX

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